This website  presents a portfolio of my black and white photos on film. 

I am a professional photographer working as photojournalist. As such, I usually work both with digital and film photography, in color and black and white.   

 Why someone would like to keep working with film in the digital age?

Allow me to answer this with another question and metaphor:

Why someone should get excited about listening a real concert of Ramin Bahrami playing Bach on a real Steinway acoustic piano in a real concert hall, instead of reproducing it on the smartphone, lying in the couch of the living room? Basically the answer is the same.

Why in black and white?

I love black and white. I think that, unless I shoot subjects and scenes where the color is important because it defines the situation, black and white is less distracting, allowing in an easier way the observer to get into the story.

However, to be honest, in the galleries I have included also two digital photos, just because I like them. I have a passion for black and white film, but it's not a religion